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"Backing away from the chaos and we should all want something better for ourselves and our children, getting to whom we want to be. Reaching for our better selves."

R. Bracy

Criminal Justice


Impacts not only the people incarcerated, but their families and entire communities.

Historically, the criminal justice system has been plagued by iniquity and disproportionate sentencing that is connected to racial and socioeconomic disparities.  In Florida, it is important that when we discuss reforming our criminal justice system, we look at the relationship between policing, structural inequalities, and address the root causes of criminal activity. 

A Vision For Better.

When we look at the explosion in the cannabis industry, and then we look at the thousands of inmates sitting in jail with cannabis-related charges, we cannot ignore that officials on all sides have to look at passing laws that address the records of these individuals. Reconciliation is necessary to repair the damage these outdated sentences have done to the families of those incarcerated. There also must be policies that pish for a clear pathway to re-entry for those who have served their sentences and are ready to rejoin society. 

Economic Security


Small Business growth initiative, a good way to diversify Florida’s economy, which brings in higher-paying wage jobs and improves the quality of life.

Now that the 21st century is well underway, we must begin to look at how our great state can diversify its economy. Being tourism-dependent can be problematic in the face of widespread issues such as the COVID19 pandemic. 

A Vision For Better.

Growing our small business economy and expanding our global footprint in the tech industry can bring their paying jobs to the entire state, and improve our way of life. 

Urban Renewal


Growing suburban and rural areas in addition to urban areas to stimulate the economy and bring new businesses and jobs to FL.

in certain areas; redeveloping areas that have a lack of investment and development through private partnerships (urban and rural)

A Vision For Better.

Growing suburban and rural areas in addition to urban areas to stimulate the economy and bring new businesses and jobs to FL. In a way that helps those currently living in those areas retain ownership as the area is redeveloped. 



Education and employability training should not involve amassing massive amounts of debt.

Education is a vehicle by which we all achieve professional success. What is important is that education, much like success, is not "one size fits all," and so our approach to education must consider this. Employability training such as undergraduate degree programs, advanced degree tracts, and vocational training should not complete at the expense of amassing large debt.

A Vision For Better.

At the heart of our formal education system are teachers, who work tirelessly to ensure that the students of our state have a quality experience in the classroom.  It is important that educators are fairly compensated for their expertise, and diligence in shaping tomorrow's leaders.